settings set target.source-map question

When using “settings set target.source-map”, when we try to set breakpoints by file and line, we try to undo any source remapping we did so we can set the breakpoint correctly:

BreakpointSP Target::CreateBreakpoint(const FileSpecList *containingModules,
const FileSpec &file, uint32_t line_no,
lldb::addr_t offset,
LazyBool check_inlines,
LazyBool skip_prologue, bool internal,
bool hardware,
LazyBool move_to_nearest_code) {
FileSpec remapped_file;
ConstString remapped_path;
if (GetSourcePathMap().ReverseRemapPath(ConstString(file.GetPath().c_str()),
remapped_file.SetFile(remapped_path.AsCString(), true);
remapped_file = file;

Note that the “remapped_file.SetFile(remapped_path.AsCString(), true);” is saying to resolve the path. I don’t believe we want this path to resolve itself right?

I am currently running issues when using this with:

(lldb) settings set target.source-map ./ /Users/me/source

The debug info has all of the compilation directories set to “.” and the resolving the path will cause the current working directory to be used when resolving the path and then we can’t set breakpoints because the resolved path doesn’t match. Any objections if I change the second argument to false so it doesn’t resolve? I can’t imagine we would want this reverse mapping to resolve??

Sounds like a good idea to me.

(For testing I’d recommend a .ll file with the paths you need hard coded and lldb-test breakpoint.)