Setup LLVM Project on machine without sudo access

Hi all,

I have an account on a machine without Sudo access. The versions of clang and GCC on this machine are ancient (Glibc, make, etc are also old). It does not have docker installed on it. Is there an easy way to set this machine up with LLVM Project (for contribution)? I would like to use clang-15 for compiling LLVM Project. The clang binaries are not very useful because they depend on glibc, which then depends on make, and so on - I might have to configure and install everything from scratch. That too, only for my user, which means that I can easily mess up paths and I wouldn’t know where the mistake is or what is missing. If there is an easy install for LLVM/Clang for one user that comes bundled with dependencies it would be very helpful. Or if there is any article for this that anyone knows about, that would also help.

Thank you!

You may build on the machine an older version of clang that can be built with your gcc, and then use this just-built clang to build a newer LLVM?

Thank you! I’ll try that.