(short notice) Cambridge LLVM Social tomorrow (Wednesday)

Hello various people,

A few LLVM folk are in town for the ARM researchers gathering towards the end of the week and we discussed briefly the idea of having a small pub outing for them this week.

It looks as if Wednesday is the best day, so let’s aim to go back to the Fort St George[1]. The weather is supposed to be warm again this week (though I’m sure Renato will strive to organise rain for us) and, in spite of having a Green King logo on the outside, it does appear to have started serving beer again.

Sorry for the short notice, but hopefully see some of you there,


[1] Way: ‪Fort St George‬ (‪179837563‬) | OpenStreetMap

With the weather so nice the idea of hanging out at the pub all day by
the river is very attractive. However, I assume you had a particular
start time in mind?



7:30pm seemed to work last time. Tobias and I might get there slightly earlier.


It might not even rain tomorrow! :slight_smile:


Argh, you said it :wink: