Silencing errors in TSAN

Hello all,

I am attempting to build OpenMPI with TSAN enabled (to TSAN-itize a
project that uses OpenMPI), and am finding that OpenMPI throws lots of
errors in TSAN (not surprising.) I am attempting to build OpenMPI with
the following blacklist:


However, I am still getting errors when I run mpiexec. I've reduced it
down to the following minimal example:

Hey Kyle,

This is a bug in your code, if you have a context switch after the creation of the thread on an overloaded system, the close of the pipe can be closed while writing or even before it.

Timing ain’t a good way to synchronize threads. TSan is correct in flagging this occurrence.


Thanks for the response. I don't doubt that TSAN is correct. The
problem is that this isn't my code. It's from OpenMPI, and fixing
OpenMPI is beyond the scope of my work. I am attempting to build
OpenMPI with TSAN enabled, so that applications that use it don't get
false positives due to libraries built without TSAN, while silencing
issues that might be present within OpenMPI itself. In this case, the
error is coming from mpiexec, which exists as a completely separate
process from my application. So, I am aware that this is probably an
error in mpiexec, but would like to silence it anyway, and I can't seem
to do that.

In other words, this isn't a problem with TSAN yielding a false
positive, but yielding an error with no way for me to silence it.