Simple stack machine

Hi all,

we're looking around a bit for a small and simple stack-based architecture,
that we could use as a sidekick to the DSP processor we are developing.

We've been looking at ZPU for a bit, but are also considering developing our
own hardware for this (possibly very much tuned to LLVM). Of course, that
would also mean building an LLVM backend. I guess having a very simple backend
would also server LLVM well, as an example backend and one to base new
architectures on.

Now, on to my real question. Is there any LLVM backend for a (simple)
stackbased machine? Anyone working on something like this? Anything we can use
(either directly, or as an example and/or to get an idea how much work would
be involved)?



Hi Matthijs,

My approach for this sort of machine would be to build a normal target machine. Follow the approach the x86 backend uses for its register stack: have two sets of instructions. Pre "stackifying", the instructions take registers, afterwards they take implicit stack slots. Run the stackifier immediately after register allocation and you should be good,