Simple Windows Setup Question

First, let me say that I surfed for a few hours both to find
the right, recent binary install instructions and looking for
feedback on the problem I encountered. Here is briefly
what I came up with and my one problem.

(1) Installed MinGW and MSYS using the latest new installer.
Set path, modified fstab, etc. No problems.

(2) Downloaded the three LLVM binaries archive files:


(3) Uncompressed the binaries using the MinGW directory
   as the "root" directory.

(4) This worked just fine for the first two archives, with the no
   file name conflicts, the clang and llvm utility binaries ending up
   in MingGW\bin and so on.


(5) With the last binary archive, I got file name conflicts contrary
    to the Windows binary install docs (I just canceled the decompression
    of that archive: llvm-gcc4.2-2.9-x86-mingw32.tar.bz2

  (6) Clang's gcc works just fine from the MSYS bash command
     line. I presume the utility suite will as well.

  (7) Can anyone shed light on the troublesome llvm-gcc4.2 archive?
     Do I need it, or can I just use Clang and the LLVM utilities? Or
     does it contain other essential LLVM system components, headers,
     libraries, etc. I might need?

     Does anyone know if the file name conflicts installing per instructions
     in the MingGW directory is a problem or just an inadvertent exact
     duplicate file(s) stored in multiple archives (either from MinGW or
     from the other two LLVM binary archives that installed without

Mucho thanks in advance!

- Scott