sin vs floor : clang bug

I've finally figured out why sin is working in mips16 fp and floor not.

This turns out to be a combination clang bug and llvm hack.

If you compile a call to "sin" and a call to "floor", the attributes are different.

For floor they are { nounwind readnone }.
For sin they are { nounwind } .

This makes a difference in llvm because they use this information to figure out if something
is an intrinsic in SelectionDAGBuilder::visitUnaryFloatCall (seems like this is the wrong way
to do this; there should be a separate attribute for this).

Sin ends up failing this test in the beginning of the function.

   // Sanity check that it really is a unary floating-point call.
   if (I.getNumArgOperands() != 1 ||
       !I.getArgOperand(0)->getType()->isFloatingPointTy() ||
       I.getType() != I.getArgOperand(0)->getType() ||
     return false;

Because onlyReadsMemory() becomes false.

This bug makes Sin work for Mips16 because the proper signature for the external exists at that time and the call can be emitted.

When this bug is fixed, then sin will also fail for mips16; however I have a way to deal with this problem so it's not an issue for me but I wanted to understand the root cause of the problem.