site updates

Thanks for your work on LLVM!

Noticed that on the site on you might want to list
RubyMotion as a user/project. Also, HipByte
who writes RubyMotion could be listed as one of the companies that use


Dear Gary,

Can you elaborate on how Ruby Motion uses LLVM? I'd like to know how it's using LLVM before adding it to the LLVM Users page (; the web page a doesn't mention LLVM anywhere.

If you'd like RubyMotion listed on the LLVM Projects page (, please send a description of it to the list so that I know what you want the description to read.


John Criswell



it says: "RubyMotion transforms the Ruby source code of your project
into optimized, blazing-fast machine code using a revolutionary,
state-of-the-art ahead-of-time (AOT) compiler, based on LLVM (see

where "see how" links to a picture of a stack containing LLVM IR.

I don't work on RubyMotion so you might want to contact them directly
to get more information about how it is used, or maybe there is enough
info in the source:✓&q=llvm