Skipped tests in compiler-rt

Hi all,
I'm in the process of integrating compiler_rt into NetBSD's base system.
One of important functions is the integration into the test suite,
especially to make sure that it operates correctly on the more exotic
platforms. A lot of tests currently use #ifs to skip the test on some
platforms or work only on selected ones. Even worse, it is impossible to
tell from the output, whether it finished successfully or due to

I would like to see any of the following three options implemented, but
I am not sure which one is preferred:

(1) Print "skipped" to stdout if the test wasn't compiled for this

(2) Print "passed" to stdout if the test was successful, be silent on

(3) Use a different return value like 2 to signal positive result.

Another item are the currently uncommented test cases for fatal
behavior. Is it OK to depend on the presence of fork/waitpid for those?
Getting correct coverage of those edge cases is also useful after all.