Slides & Videos

Dev Meeting Attendees,

As you can tell, most of the slides are now available on the website:

I have a couple that I need to convert to PDF and will be online shortly. A couple posters are missing and I will post them when I get them.

As for videos, we have had some challenges this year, but they should start to trickle up onto the website now. I'm getting a few a day and hopefully by the end of next week, all the videos will be up. I apologize for the delay this year as we had some unexpected surprises.


Hi Tanya,

Thanks! I was wondering if we should collect the BOFs notes, too. I have
some about debug info, table gen and benchmarking, but I know some people
have others, and some even have collected from others into a single source.

If we send you those, do you think it's worth putting it on the website,


Sure! You don’t even need to send them to me. You can just add them to the BOF Abstracts area and then change the table to say “See Abstracts”. Or you can send them to me and then you it might take me a day to get them up.


Ok, I'll get the ones I have and ask the people I know got some others and
put together a few docs.



I've put the ones I found on the list in there (which had some of my notes
in them already) plus another one about the Debug Info from Eric. They're
in the site.

If anyone else has BOF notes, or even replace my Debug notes with something
more substantial, I'd be happy to put them in, too.