Slow SVN Checkouts

Is anyone else experiencing very slow SVN checkouts/updates? I’ve tried from two separate networks now, and checkouts are 15+ minutes on both.

It could've been a temporary hiccup. Just updated and it was
reasonably fast (given the large changes from Chandler's header


I just tried again and it’s still fairly slow. This time I did a full checkout in about 10 minutes. Server-side git commands are also significantly slower than usual (e.g. “counting objects” phase of a clone takes several minutes, as opposed to the usual ~15 seconds). Though the actual transfer of objects is just as fast (~20 MiB/sec).

If I’m the only one experiencing this, that’s fine. I would blame my connection, but I’ve tried using several separate networks now (corporate LAN, university network, etc.).

I've just tried a full check-out and I can confirm it's very slow (28
minutes just for LLVM).

/tmp$ time svn co llvm
Checked out revision 171403.

real 28m44.240s
user 0m8.560s
sys 0m3.860s

Something is wrong.