SlowOperationInformer.cpp:55: error:`SIGALRM' undeclared (first use this functi

From: Reid Spencer <>
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 13:03:44 -0700

I just discovered that the *only* place this is used is in the debugger when it is loading files, etc. There should be a way to do this without an alarm. In fact, a thread could easily set the "ShouldShowStatus" every second until the the thing is cancelled. Since the caller is required to update the progress, this could also be done with time deltas without the use of threads or signals. When I get the lib/System/TimeValue abstraction implemented, I'll probably just update SlowOperationInformer to use timestamp deltas rather than signals and avoid this whole problem altogether.

Okay, I'll comment the lines in question for now and see if other gotchas will show up.