Small linux - docs not online. Help!

I’m on win10, but building I’m in an older linux upgrading. (or say, a busybox). I do not have “another box with newer stuff” (i have money issues too)

  1. lynx won’t browse MOST of big tech’s sites (llvm, ubuntu, rh, github, stackexchange), it says HTTPS SSL version not good

  2. firefox-6.0 through firefox-20.0 (available on older linux) ALSO CANNOT BROWSE. Error: SSL version not supported, LLVM web server has hung up the phone. (this is a very well known issue)

So - if your on a small to medium linux and upgrading: YOU CAN’T SEE ONLINE DOCS

  1. doxygen is a dileterious product hard to build, requires running XML from ireland downloaded DURING BUILD (security of? wtf who makes Makefiles that download blobs during the build??? doxygen people do.). So I can’t “make man”, if you get my drift.

about 1/20 sites with “information or downloads” can eventually be found without the HTTPS your too old lockout

I’m saying: please - if your big tech and have documentation and downloads SMALL LINUX need (this includes new small linux or busy box who are bringing up a new OS system). we need documentation and downloads: and may not have newer ssl or may not have built that part of the chain yet.

Thank you for considering us !