small Mac OS lib++ fixes


these are just two small patches fixing the libc++ build for Mac OS X.

The first patch replaces an "#ifndef LIBCPP_STABLE_APPLE_ABI" with "#ifdef LIBCPP_STABLE_APPLE_ABI".
This is probably a copy and paste error as it's usually used with "#ifndef"

The second patch replaces "__funcs()" with "func()". The underscore calls are encapsulated with the calls without underscores in the "locale" header.

use-func-instead-of__func.diff (11.8 KB)

use-LIBCPP_STABLE_APPLE_ABI-flag.diff (337 Bytes)

Thanks Toralf. For now I've reverted Sean's commit. Your patch looks to me like the right way to fix that commit, but I'd like Sean to look at it to ensure that it fits with where he's going with it.