Some commits not getting sent to the mailing lists.

For example:

Don't seem to have made it to cfe-commits.

This makes it harder to search for stuff, reply to commits, and most
importantly it allows these patches to land "under the radar",
potentially without people noticing them.

Is it possible to fix somehow?

We’ve seen issues with the mailing lists dropping messages with commit logs containing emoji characters before. In this case I wonder if it is because of the couple of non-ASCII characters in the committer’s name. Is there a Unicode setting or an upgrade that could be performed in the list software?

That would explain why my commits never should up on the lists either.

I think it'd be better to have it fixed at whatever source produces these mails (maybe they end up misformed and maybe can't be sent at all?), to properly convert the incoming utf8 from the git author names to whatever unicode formatting the commit mail uses.

// Martin