Some MCJIT XPASS and one FAIL on Linux ARMv7


Testing llvm trunk on openSUSE 13.1 ARMv7 I got 4 unexpected passes:

Unexpected Passing Tests (4):LLVM :: ExecutionEngine/MCJIT/cross-module-sm-pic-a.ll
LLVM :: ExecutionEngine/MCJIT/multi-module-sm-pic-a.ll
LLVM :: ExecutionEngine/MCJIT/remote/cross-module-sm-pic-a.ll
LLVM :: ExecutionEngine/MCJIT/remote/multi-module-sm-pic-a.ll

And one FAIL:

Failing Tests (1):LLVM :: ExecutionEngine/MCJIT/remote/test-fp-no-external-funcs-remote.ll

Maybe someone can shed some light into this?


I’ve got the same 4 unexpected passing tests on the AArch64 buildbot.
I checked the buildbot logs and before these tests started to fail all MCJIT
tests were unsupported.
I think that maybe this commit -
caused the issue but I’m still trying to verify that on AArch64.
Could you run the tests again after reverting that aforementioned commit?

Best regards,
Gabor Ballabas


Yes, I believe that was the commit that broke it. Takumi and Gabor should sync to solve that in a reasonable way that doesn’t involve reverting Takumi’s patch.

But I agree, reverting it locally just to make sure it was that patch is probably a good idea.