Some news about apt, QA, Coverity, etc


Some news about the various QA and packaging tools.

* Ubuntu Saucy nightly packages are now also available on

* All distributions have new packages:
- lldb-3.4-dev - contains the LLDB headers to build software on top of this
- python-clang-3.4 - provides the python / clang bindings

* polly is built again but, for now, only for Debian unstable (I have to
backport libcloog-isl-dev & libisl-dev to the other distros)

* That means that the code coverage ( )
and scan-build ( ) also
provide the polly reports.

* I am running Coverity on LLVM+Clang+LLDB+polly (compiler-rt is not
checked for now, coverity does not catch clang in this context).
If you want to get access to the results, drop me an email (and / or
join here