Some news in security_by_rust thread

Plz forgive if obvious or uninteresting.

If anyone is interested what might be complangs further on securitybyrust path:
-pascal note: im reborn fan
-zonnon note1: from lab of emeritus turing awardee and inventor of pascal family one and only niklaus wirth note2: russians are pushing for it note3: theres compiler writen in dotnet for it
-zig note1: forgive punnable name, note2: for hello world etc

Some might owe credits to Microsoft, theyre working on rust for their platform.

Checkedc from microsoft might help in analysis/debuggin of memaccesses in system and automated migration from c to some better world. They use sal annotations heavily.

Past project cyclone has some funny ideas for making c more secure like nulltermptr nonnullptr and some other interesting constructs. They are using some banshee tool heavily there but didnt study yet what machinery type is that.

Ccured project on how to make programs/complangs more type safe.

I respect author of csmith project now in Microsoft for his work on autofinding bugs in compilers of c. We could try to use this approach and his findings for proper design and compiler autotesting of rust and his descendants.

Best regards,
Pawel Kunio