Some shortcoming about MLIR Visualization with graphviz

There is a open project for MLIR visualization, refer to:, Open Projects - MLIR .

But there are some shortcoming about graphviz.

  1. graphviz does not support subgraph folding. Nesting structre is one of the primary feature of MLIR. Without folding makes it inconvenient to view graph.
  2. graph dumped by ViewOpGraph does not contain attributes of op.
  3. It’s hard to(some time timeout) to load big MLIR graph in graphviz.

It will be pefect if we got a tool like TensorBoard  |  TensorFlow , the function for viewing the model graph.

This is a good idea. Is there anyone doing this? I am always intrested about visualizing the MLIR ir.
A naive question here, is graphviz the tool which netron use?

I have a few ideas about visualization, if someone is a good JS developer (and knows D3 maybe? There are GraphViz D3 plugins…) I’d love to get something done here!

It’s not no, Netron is rather popular for some of these frameworks (I can’t recall offhand if it allows for regions or collapsing them).