Some simple questions about debug lld

Hi all:
I want to debug lld/thinLTO to learn how thinLTO works. But when i step through ltoObj->run(), whose implementation is in llvm/lib/LTO.cpp, it goes into /usr/local/include/llvm/lib/LTO.h, which can’t go through more. I think it’s because I install Release to the system. But I still have a debug build dir in my own project. What should I do to let it link to my own debug dir other than the system library?
Sorry for ask so easy question, thank you all.

On Linux, setting your preferred directories first in the PATH variable might work.

export PATH="/home/$USER/bin:$PATH"

Then use *which* to confirm that the correct files are being found.

which file

The export command will only be effective for the terminal window in which it was executed.
You can see how to make the exported PATH permanent, system-wide by searching the Internet.
But then you have to think about when to change the permanent PATH back.

Neil Nelson