Some thought on LLDB Evolution: Good Citizenship in the LLVM Community


I'd like to propose couple of topics on "Good Citizenship in the LLVM

1) LLDB developers should participate in release process.

Process of LLDB release validation is unclear. At least there are no
LLDB binaries in
or replies in this mailing list on Hans' request to test release

LLDB still doesn't have release notes, and this will not help users to
discovers new features of find out about fixes of serious problems.

On my experience with clang-tools-extra release notes, it's much
easier to nag people during code reviews or them update after commits
then recalling history of half of year of development.

2) Code base should be modernized to C++11 to match rest of LLVM code.
Clang-tidy modernize checks are very helpful, but more advanced
changes may be needed like in case of replacing LLDB mutex code.

There are a lot of other useful Clang-tidy checks beyond modernize.

I noticed problem in this area that main LLDB contributors doesn't
have time or wish to do this themselves, but some are very protective
of own turf to accept outsiders' patches easily.