source code for parameter declaration?


    I'm trying to parse C function declarations with the clang API and found
that the type and identifier names of a parameter (given by an instance "x" of
class clang::ParmVarDecl) can be obtained by x.getType().getAsString() and
x.getName(), respectively. In many cases, simply concatenating these two
strings gives valid C code corresponding to the parameter represented by "x".
However, this obviously doesn't work for function pointers (e.g., "void
(*function)(int)", where "void (*)(int)" is the type name and "function" is
the identifier name).

So my question is: is it possible, given an instance of class
clang::ParmVarDecl, to obtain the corresponding source code of that parameter
(i.e., code which would produce exactly the same clang::ParmVarDecl instance)?

  Thanks & kind regards,