Source Code Instrumentaton via Clang/LLVM

Dear community,

Here is my follow up email to the previous one.

As you can see from the version, that it has been a very long time I touched those files. (LLVM 3.9 → LLVM 10/12)

If you can guide me, it would be awesome.

Thank You for helping me to update the file so I run it on the current llvm version.

Here is my output with llvm-10 by running make:

/data/bulletjournal/projectjournal/phd/generated/apps/uob-hpc/intro-hpc-jacobi/functionCPPviaClang_.cpp: In function ‘int main(int, char**)’:
/data/bulletjournal/projectjournal/phd/generated/apps/uob-hpc/intro-hpc-jacobi/functionCPPviaClang_.cpp:199:44: error: cannot convert ‘llvm::ErrorOr<const clang::FileEntry*>’ to ‘const clang::FileEntry*’ in initialization

199 | const FileEntry *FileIn = FileMgr.getFile(argv[1]);

llvm::ErrorOr<const clang::FileEntry*>

What should I change in my code?

Thank You so much!
Best regards

functionCPPviaClang_jacobi.cpp (8.49 KB)

jacobi.c (5.48 KB)

Makefile (4.62 KB)