Sparc build error

I’m encountering a new problem building llvm (from CVS) on Solaris. The tblgen executable builds successfully but it seems to use the wrong version of libstdc++ :

% /home/vadve/vadve/llvm-sparc/Debug/bin/tblgen --help /home/vadve/vadve/llvm-sparc/Debug/bin/tblgen: fatal: /home/vadve/lattner/local/x86-fc1/gcc-3.4.2/lib/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32

This version of tblgen was just created successfully in the same build on Solaris, so I don’t know why the x86-fc1 version of libstdc++ is getting used. My tree is configured as:
/home/vadve/vadve/llvm/configure --prefix=/localhome/vadve/llvm --enable-targets=host-only
I verified that the correct (Sparc) version of llvm-gcc is on my path.

Has anyone seen this error before or have a suggestion on what might be happening?



I haven't seen this ever before, but it looks like an LD_LIBRARY_PATH
problem to me.