Sparc MachineBasicBlock info

Is there a way to access the current MachineBasicBlock info
from within CodeGenIntrinsic in SparcV9BurgISel.cpp?

The arguments are: Intrinsic::ID iid, CallInst &callInstr,
TargetMachine &target, and std::vector<MachineInstr*>& mvec,
none of which seem to offer access to the current


I don't think there is any way. Why do you need it though? The SparcV9 backend works very differently from the other backends: instead of inserting things into the MBB, it pushes instructions into temporary vectors of instructions (in this case, it's named mvec in CodeGenIntrinsic), and these instructions are latter copied into machine basic blocks. Can you just insert the instructions you need into this vector like the vastart implementation does?