SparcV9 casa instruction

From: Misha Brukman <>

I need to implement the compare and swap instruction in the
Sparc backend. It has the form:

casa [reg]imm, reg, reg

If you look in the instruction manual, each instruction has a
"format" which is F1, F2, F3 or F4, so your instruction needs
to inherit from one of those base classes and designate where
its operands map in the instruction. Just pick an
instruction in the same group and see how it's encoded in the
.td file, and follow the same format.

It seems casa and casax are the only two instructions in their
group. Could you point me towards where I can look up these
instruction formats?



A little googling found this:

Its a pdf with the complete SPARC v9 instruction set details. What you
want is on page 152.