Splitting #github channel

Before September 1, #github channel has been tracking commits, bug tracker activity, and occasional PRs and comments on commits. When we enabled PRs, new events started to appear: opening and closing of PRs, review submits, and comment on reviews. It feels like amount of notifications on that already fast-paced channel doubled.

My use case

I’ve been triaging old Clang bugs for the past 4 months. A part of this effort is to keep an eye on other activity in old bugs to make sure it’s done correctly and to the full extent (e.g. reproducible old bug is labeled as confirmed, otherwise it’s hard to tell triaged and untriaged bugs apart in the haystack of bugzilla bugs).

I’ve been leveraging #github channel for this purpose to avoid flooding my inbox, and it’s been working pretty fine for me. But now I’m barely keeping up with it. It’s rather important, because we continue to see new people triaging old bugs, like @DavidSpickett did today for lldb bugs, which I try to offer guidance to.

I consider this use case important enough, so I’m trying my best to keep up with existing #github channel.


There are different options here:

  1. The minimal solution is to split off PR-related notifications into #github-prs. This brings previous status quo back.
  2. Having separate #github-commits, #github-issues, and #github-prs would be a notable improvement over previous status quo for me.
  3. @EugeneZelenko suggested having dedicated channel for release:backport label.
  4. Eugene also suggested having a dedicated channel for reopened issues and closed issues as requiring more attention than usual. Maybe opened issues require belong here as well.

I’d prefer option 2, and postpone 3 and 4 until Eugene gets onto our Discord server and see for himself whether those channels are useful for him when compared to mail filters.

I can help implementing this, but I’m not sure who is in charge of our Discord bots. I’ve got no replies to my post on #discord-suggestions I did a week ago, save for a reaction from @AaronBallman.

CC @tonic


I think the people that originally set up the bots are no longer active with administration. @echristo might be another person to help with this.

I think many of your suggestions here are great. I’m sorry for my lack of reply as I’ve just been a bit underwater. In order for me to best help you, please let me know exactly what I can do or find the right people to do for you.

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Thank you for your reply! If Eric is the only active person you can think of when it comes to our Github bot, then I think we can only wait for him to get back to us.

CC @goncharov

Well, he may not have been involved in the bots, but he is the most active admin on discord these days. I think it would be good to know exactly what you need/want and we can figure out the right people to make it happen.

Hi Vlad @Endill! I honestly have no idea how notifications are setup on discord. Maybe @akorobeynikov knows some details?

I think the process is very straightforward and someone with admin access to Discord and GitHub can do it fair quickly (by creating webhooks for Discord channels and connecting them on the Github repo to enable desired event notifications).

I think @tstellar might have both.