Spurious -Wunused-comparison


I’m implementing

class Foo {
void operator==(…) {}

for a DSL and getting errors:

warning: equality comparison result unused [-Wunused-comparison]

I feel this error is not appropriate in such circumstances?

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Hi Samuel,

Hi Csaba, a good question,

it is for unit testing syntax similar to rspec, e.g.

expect(value).to_be == some_other_value

Internally, the comparison is done and if it isn't valid, the unit test is marked as failed. The same with other operators and function calls.

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Can you tell me what version of Clang you are using? I believed an exemption was added to void returning overloaded comparisons in r209186.


Is this sufficient?

3.4.2 doesn’t have that revision, give trunk a try or wait until 3.5 as it’s not too far away.

Nikola, I really appreciate your insight and knowledge. Thanks for your help and time.