src/include/45 folder is missing in the repo for openmp runtime

Is this intentional (45 is not ready)? I saw commit log that 45 could be specified using compiler flag and src/include/45 is in the runtime sources from

Yonghong Yan

Hi Yonghong,

We have different release policies for and LLVM. The gets updates as a single rare releases, aka big code bombs, that is not appropriate for LLVM repository. The LLVM OpenMP RTL repository gets same updates in a smaller parts those are reviewable, and each represents some functional logical change. That is why sometimes LLVM repository may get updates a bit later than The change you are talking about – renaming of OpenMP 4.1-related names into 4.5-related to correspond with the updated OpenMP specification numbering – is in the queue of updates we push into the repository one by one, hope it will come soon. Note that it will not add any functional changes, just renaming, similar to what was done with the specification (at the release stage people decided that the changes are too big and deserve bumping the version number by 0.5 instead of initially planned 0.1).