Stable llvm/clang commits for devs


Since I am new around here and I could not find this anywhere, is there something like a list of commit ids of llvm and clang which are known to work together? I’ve ran a lot of times in this situation that I can’t build clang because some interfaces changed in llvm and I had to find commits which work together by multiple checkout and compile iterations by hand. As you probably all know this can be rather tedious…

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LLVM and Clang are part of the same SVN repository so they use the same version number namespace. To find a working revision you can pick any one that passed the build bots (e.g.:

– adrian

Many of us use the mirror at

Of course builds still may be broken by bad commits, but at least with
this you'll always check out a consistent state of the svn tree.

To build, we just symlink e.g. clang into place.

I also have a script that lets you commit from this repository via svn.


That helps a lot. Thanks, folks!

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