Stack traces from JIT code

Hey guys,

In our project we have the following workflow:

  • Given a user request, we construct a C++ program to service the request
  • We create a compiler invocation to compile that program into an IR module
  • We use JIT (and optionally MCJIT) to convert the IR into executable code and run it

Occasionally, we have a crash in the JIT code and we are looking to figure out best practices around debuggability. With the MCJIT option, we can debug in gdb so that is already a big step forward.

However, that does not work for a production crash. We want to capture the stack trace from the crash and write it to stderr. Our binary has a signal handler that does stack unwinding and symbolization upon crash. Based on my reading so far, we need to implement a JITEventListener which would keep track of the dynamically generated symbol addresses and use the resulting maps for symbolization.

Will that work? Is there a simpler way?

– Priyendra