start contributing to LLDB


Do you have a URL to the git branch of the Windows port? What is the
current state of that port?

Is there an easy way to disable the Python/swig dependency when compiling LLDB?
(in case someone is just interested in the command-line debugger
without Python bindings)


But that will obliterate most type summaries, etc, since those are written in Python :wink:

Oh, and the test suite.



Several people have inquired about the windows port, so I hope this will
answer everyone's questions:

What it is: a native Win64 port of lldb based on version 3.1, consuming
    exes generated by our win32-x-win64 port of clang.
    It's currently hooked up to our win64 debugger based on our UI.
What's missing: some process control bits, the lldb UI, command interpreter, python support,
    an update to the latest lldb svn rev, JIT support currently in progress.
What's working: pdata and frame support, most process control bits,
    building with cmake under MSVC.

Sorry, our repo is not public (yet).