Start of some easy task in Clang Static Analyzer

Hello. How can i start to do some task in Clang Static Analyzer? At start, maybe, i can solve some easy task. What can i do for this great project?

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Hmm. Thanks for asking, your enthusiasm inspires me! :slight_smile:

Unless anybody has a better idea, maybe, if you like, you could have a quick look at the FIXME in test/Analysis/explain-svals.cpp ? Adding 1 to a pointer constrained to 0 results in value 0 rather than in 1, long story short:

   int *x = ...;
   if (!x)
     x + 1; // 0 (Loc), should be 1 (Loc)

Which means there's some problem in modeling pointer arithmetic in SValBuilder, there must be some place in which the region's offset was omitted during calculations; i'm not sure the fix is easy, but i don't see any obvious problems that would cause that, so it's probably an omission.