State of Clang in MSYS2


I’m involved with maintenance of Clang and related LLVM packages for MSYS2.

It was based on Martell’s patches (with his permission for MSYS2) from his git repository and MSYS2 own fixes so number of patches might be overwhelming:

Maybe some of these patches could make it’s way to the upstream.

Tools state at version 3.9.1 :

Clang: mostly works (there are issues found)

LLMV: mostly works (not tested well enough)

LLD: creates broken executable

LLDB: runs but not further tested since lldb-server is not build-able for mingw-w64

libc++: need further testing
libc++abi: need further testing

compiler-rt: need further testing

Open clang issues (at MSYS2): (not that much Clang issue but rather mingw-64 with GCC)

Any help will be welcome.

make check seems to hang during LLVM tests but here is make check-clang:
Failing Tests (18):
Clang :: Driver/mingw.cpp
Clang :: Modules/dependency-dump.m
Clang :: Modules/dependency-gen.modulemap
Clang :: PCH/chain-categories.m
Clang :: PCH/chain-categories2.m
Clang :: PCH/chain-class-extension.m
Clang :: PCH/chain-conversion-lookup.cpp
Clang :: PCH/chain-cxx.cpp
Clang :: PCH/chain-default-argument-instantiation.cpp
Clang :: PCH/chain-empty-initial-namespace.cpp
Clang :: PCH/chain-friend-instantiation.cpp
Clang :: PCH/chain-implicit-definition.cpp
Clang :: PCH/chain-late-anonymous-namespace.cpp
Clang :: PCH/chain-openmp-threadprivate.cpp
Clang :: PCH/chain-pending-instantiations.cpp
Clang :: PCH/chain-staticvar-instantiation.cpp
Clang :: PCH/cxx-chain-function-template.cpp
Clang :: PCH/replaced-decl.m

Expected Passes : 9349
Expected Failures : 16
Unsupported Tests : 227
Unexpected Failures: 18

Full output is available here:


Mateusz Mikuła