state of the lld linker for aarch64


Some time ago there were some information about aarch64 support for the lld linker project:

Right now there is no such information.

Also there is some presentation described that the simple application can be linked using


What is the current state of the lld linker for the aarch64 architecture? If i’m able to link simple application, then how should i do it?

Thanks a lot, Dima.

Hi Dima,

Adhemerval is working on AArch64 support, and it should be mostly
there, though some missing TLS support. He should know more.


Here's some info on TLS. Review D18960 has the initial implementation
for TLSDESC support:

I've been occasionally testing FreeBSD/arm64 buildworld with lld and
managed to get everything to link with an earlier version of D18960
and an equivalent set of workarounds as on FreeBSD/amd64. There is
some TLS bug outstanding that caused all binaries to segfault at
start, though. I plan to take another look at that once D18711 and
D18960 land.

Hi Ed,

Yeah, the review is taking a while, and we need to keep rebasing all the time.

Once it's in, we'd love to see how it works on FreeBSD.


Hi Ed, Renato,

Thanks a lot for your replies and comments! As I understand most of basic
linker features
should work just fine for the aarch64 architecture.

Thanks, Dima.