Stateful alias analysis

Hi all,

I’ve been investigating adding some more heuristics to our alias analysis, and the major stumbling block seems to be the inability to be stateful (to cache) in the current pass manager. This appears to be the reason why SCEVAA isn’t enabled in the default pass pipeline either.

I’m aware that the new pass manager is meant to solve this problem, but I don’t know how far away it is from completion, or in fact what if anything people can do to help out.

Chandler, what’s the current status? I’m thinking if it’s still half a year away or similar, perhaps we may need to think about interim “workarounds” to avoid stalling forward progress completely?



Going back through my old email, and hit this…

I don’t see any good ways to incrementally work around this, but if others do, I’m open to them. I’m back from holidays and other commitments, and hoping to be working on the AA parts of th enew pass manager in the coming weeks.