Static Analysis: Teams for Pull Request Subscriptions

Tom is gathering subscription groups for github pull requests, so I proposed two groups for libAnalysis and the static analyzer: Input Needed: Teams for Pull Request Subscriptions - #38 by NoQ

This is the best separation I could come up with, but I’m very open to better suggestions. Most path-sensitive static analyzer people will probably subscribe to the CFG and PathDiagnostic and like live variables analysis from the first group, but not necessarily to all the analysis-based warnings. Individual analysis-based warnings typically don’t care about each other, and analysis techniques they use could be so different that it doesn’t even make sense for them to cross-review each other. Maybe we should separate libAnalysis into smaller directories, and then have better groups? Maybe move most of our concrete “analyses” to Sema (we depend on it anyway), so that to keep libAnalysis limited to fundamental, highly reusable analysis facilities such as the CFG as FlowSensitive?

cc @Xazax-hun @ymand @gribozavr @Szelethus @steakhal @balazske @dkrupp !

Personally, I’m interested in everything in static analysis, including “dataflow”, and others, thus I had a Herald rule for sending an email once. I can also see that some CSA folks also forked that herald rule, that suggest some interest on their par as well.
The benefit is that I’m up to date on a high level, and I can manually subscribe if I find something interesting.
I’m not sure something like that would be possible with the new system.

If I could, I’d subscribe to CSA directories you presented on the parent thread; and would like to get 1 notification about anything happening inside analysis - maybe even including clang/test/Analysis.