Static llvm bindist

Is it possible to bootstrap a static llvm bindist that uses its own libcxx and
maybe a little bit if musl libc.a on Linux (and libc.a on FreeBSD) bundled in?

The use case is that one often needs to keep an older LLVM toolchain around
for some languages targeting an older bitcode stream and, with C++ and
everything, that older toolchain will easily stop working with other global
updates to the distro it was originally built on.

Ideally one could also configure a suffix so that you get llc-3.8 for example
and can put the binaries in the same $PATH without conflict.

Even more awesome would be if I could limit the build to just a handful
of binaries (llc, opt, clang), the usual ones used by language backends
as found in GHC or SML# etc.