Statistic API change

This is just a note to mention that I just checked in this patch:

This change breaks the Statistic<> api, so any code not in CVS will have
to be updated to work with the new system. In short, these are the
changes you'll have to make:

* #include "Support/Statistic.h" instead of "Support/StatisticReporter.h"
* Change the constructor call to pass in two strings instead of one.
  Basically instead of passing in "mypass\t\t- foo" you should pass in
  "mypass", "foo". The indentation and spacing is all taken care of for
  you now.

Note that the DEBUG macro is still in this file, so if you use it, you'll
have to change the #include as well.

I have updated the Programmer's Guide and the current CVS tree to use the
new form, so only people outside of the tree will break. Unfortunately,
this includes all of the 426 projects that use it, but they won't break
until the CSIL tree is updated (so testing should be ok).

As usual, let me know if I broke anything...