Status of detached tasks in Clang

Dear all,

I am eager to play around with detached tasks in OpenMP. It seems that support has gone into the runtime about a year ago [1] but even with Clang 10 I get a warning that the detach clause is ignored:

$ clang-10 -fopenmp test_detached.c
test_detached.c:25:47: warning: extra tokens at the end of '#pragma omp task' are ignored [-Wextra-tokens]
   #pragma omp task detach(event)

The status website lists detached tasks as work in progress [2]. Is there a way to try detached tasks in some experimental version of Clang? Or am I just missing a flag to enable them in the Clang release?

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Hi Joseph,

I’m not sure who is working on this but we might be able to figure this out on our bi-weekly call Wednesday.

Feel free to call but we should figure this out either way.

Apologies for the delay,


Johannes, Alexey,

Thanks for the pointers. I will try to call in to the telco tomorrow.

In the meantime: I was able to install trunk and run tests with detached tasks. However, every once in a while I end up in an assert inside libomp:

OMP: Error #13: Assertion failure at kmp_tasking.cpp(920).

The relevant code is in __kmp_task_finish:

   if (taskdata->td_flags.destructors_thunk) {
     kmp_routine_entry_t destr_thunk = task->data1.destructors;
     KMP_ASSERT(destr_thunk); // <- this assert triggers
     destr_thunk(gtid, task);

My first suspicion is that there is a race condition when one thread fulfills the event while the executing task completes it. I have not been able to spot this issue in the code but maybe someone familiar with it has an idea about what might be going wrong?



I am having a hard time trying to come up with a simple reproducer. However, I got hit by an issue that looks similar to what I reported a while ago:

I updated it with a simpler reproducer. Maybe this issue causes havoc in my actual application and leads to the assert somehow. Maybe someone can take a look at that #37671 now with the simpler test case?

I will try and work a reproducer for the assert and report back if I find one.


Ahh, good point! The issue with local variables seems to be specific to untied tasks. I removed all untied tasks in my application but every other run I'm still hitting asserts in the same code path (when calling omp_fulfill_event):

Assertion failure at kmp_tasking.cpp(3744): taskdata->td_flags.complete == 1.
Assertion failure at kmp_tasking.cpp(710): taskdata->td_flags.executing == 0.

Although they are different assertions they are probably just different symptoms of the same problem. My use-case involves MPI (and an experimental extension) so it is hard to boil that down to a simple reproducer.

Just so I know whether it's a direction to investigate: could these asserts be triggered by calling omp_fulfill_event twice on the same event? Or is that case handled explicitly? I don't know how this could happen in my current setup but if it's not handled by libomp I will investigate that possibility.

Thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I looked a bit into this issue. As I understand the code, there is a race between __kmp_task_finish and __kmp_fulfill_event:
taskdata->td_flags.proxy = TASK_PROXY;

taskdata cannot be safely accessed after this line.

__kmp_task_finish () "passes ownership of taskdata" with this line.

At this point, __kmp_fulfill_event might release the task at any time.

Joseph sees a spurious assertion failure in

This is, when
is not reached fast enough.

Can the accesses be safely moved up?


Thanks Joachim for looking into this. For the record, the patch you posted at seems to fix the race for me. I was able to run several different configurations and the issues to be gone.