Status of


I found that seems to be out-of-date. The footer shows that the files are regenerated everyday. I guess that the input repository for doxygen has not been updated for a while.

For example,

It says llvm::ParseBitcodeFile() has following prototype:

Module *ParseBitcodeFile(MemoryBuffer *Buffer, LLVMContext &Context, std::string *ErrMsg = 0);

However, from the subversion log, it seem that it have been changed to:

ErrorOr<Module *> parseBitcodeFile(MemoryBuffer *Buffer, LLVMContext &Context);

since 2014/01/15. Does any have any idea? Thanks.


Pinging this since I’m interested in the answer as well.


I’ll look into it.

General FYI that I will make more clear on the website eventually: For issues like this, its best to email llvm-admin to get the attention of the sys admins since llvmdev gets so much traffic. (But I realize this policy isn’t clear and I think we actually have llvmdev as the contact somewhere on the website)


This has been fixed.


Thanks for your help.

BTW, I was unaware of llvm-admin@ before sending this e-mail. I will send to llvm-admin@ if I have any problem with LLVM website in the future. Thanks.