status of MCJIT debuggin in windows

Hi Everybody,

First off: thanks for the good work. Despite the occasional hiccup I quite enjoy using llvm to generate code.

We use LLVM to generate code for our own shader language which is run with MCJIT. I’ve implemented rudimentary debugging using llvm’s metadata, which works perfectly in linux (albeit only with the MCJIT cache disabled). Unfortunately most of our devs work on windows where debugging doesn’t work (with gdb), at least not out of the box.

My question is: what is the status of debugging MCJITed code in windows? And if it is possible, what are the conditions/requirements?

If it helps, the setup is as follows:

Llvm 3.4.2 (compiled with VS12)

Main application compiled with VS12

gdb 7.8 (from Cygwin)