Status of pull request D100897

Could someone please tell me the status of Phabricator issue D100897? I’m not (actually pretty not) sure I understand Phabricator well enough to understand I need to do something before it can be reviewed again. Issue D100897 failed in pre-merge checks on windows x64 (but perhaps also on Debian as well). I originally thought this was only failing on windows but looking carefully perhaps it fails in clang-format and I need to remove a tab (or something) in the test file team_number.f90.



The test team_number.f90 tries to run a UNIX shell script on Windows
( The test can be skipped on Windows by adding a
REQUIRES: shell line, as done in e.g. [1]

The debian build also does the clang-format and clang-tidy checks. In
addition to showing what has failed in the build log:

> clang-format  7s

changed files:
Build completed with failures

The formatting error is also shown in Phabricator:

Lint: Pre-merge checks

clang-format: please reformat the code

-  TestCall{defaults, table, "team_number"}
-      .DoCall(Int4::GetType());
+  TestCall{defaults, table, "team_number"}.DoCall(Int4::GetType());

This can be fixed by running clang-format on it, e.g.

$ git clang-format origin/main