Status of the git repos

I was under the impression that the (non-monorepo) separate LLVM and Clang git repos hosted at would be maintained for a year after the transition to the mono repo. I don’t recall where I got that impression from; probably from some of the many emails on the migration topic. I noticed today that updates to these repos ceased on October 22nd of last year following transition to the mono repo. Was I simply mistaken that these repos were not going to be maintained along with the (read-only) svn repo? We had not planned to complete our own transition to the mono repo until a little later this year, but if these repos are no longer maintained, we’ll have to readjust our priorities.

I’m aware of the guidance on how to transition ( and am not seeking any advice on how to do so.


These repos were populated from SVN. Noone worked on migration of them
to be pulled from monorepo as far as I know.
On Tue, Feb 25, 2020 at 8:28 PM Tom Honermann via llvm-dev

My expectation was that they would continue to be fed from the updates to the svn repo. But again, I don’t recall where I got that impression from. It may have been a bad assumption on my part.



This was indeed the intended plan (but to update them from the git monorepo instead of SVN), except that no-one implemented it, and no-one really requested it as part of the blockers to migrate.
It was also noted a while ago, that if we just write the script to update these mirror, then anyone can run the script locally from the monorepo and get the same result, which makes these mirrors not necessary.

This is actually not very complex I think:

cd /tmp/
git clone /tmp/git-filter-repo

git clone

cd llvm-project
/tmp/git-filter-repo/git-filter-repo --subdirectory-filter llvm --force --refs master

at this point you have a locally something that looks like ; but the hashes are different.

the first new commit is 580acd1df4f0c4a865a20ed1e9467425e0dd382e ; we’ll cherry-pick all of them on

top of the old repo

git branch master-rewritten

git remote add llvm

git fetch llvm

git reset --hard llvm/master
git cherry-pick 580acd1df4f0c4a865a20ed1e9467425e0dd382e~…master-rewritten --allow-empty

done! (after a while…)

Thenks, Mehdi. I appreciate the detailed response. We’re moving ahead with migration to the mono repo now instead of later this year as we had originally planned. Thank you to all that contributed to the migration resources!