I am curious to see if anyone has ever been successfully compiled LLVM with STLport?

I tried compiling LLVM 3.0 with STLport-5.2.1, and failed.


We are able to compile it internally, but it required some changes to LLVM to get it to work.

Good to hear that. Doesn’t seem to be a popular combination since googling results little information on this. Is it possible for you to show the changes to LLVM?

Personally I don’t like STLport, not sure the real benefit versus using compiler’s STL.

Sure, here is our diff against 3.0.

The reason we are using it is because of problems with statically linking libstdc++ on certain Linux distributions.

STLPort.diff (3.31 KB)

A large part of that seems to be applied already. The last chunk looks
wrong though?


Oops, I had the arguments backward. Patch re-attached with the correct ordering

STLPort.diff (3.31 KB)

Hi Micah,

Looks like the diff is not against LLVM 3.0 release, but rather against some other “internal” version. :slight_smile:

It is our internal version based on the LLVM 3.0 release. It should be close.

The casts for spelling NULL with explicit cast shouldn't be necessary.
What is the error you are dealing with?


Lots of stl related mismatching
ProfileInfo.cpp:252: instantiated from here
stlport/stl/_tree.h:572: error: invalid conversion from 'in' to 'const llvm::BasicBlock*"
stlport/stl/_tree.h:572: error: initializing argument 2 of 'bool....'