storing module level info

During ISel lowering, there are some stubs I realize that I need to emit during AsmPrinter.

The question is: where to store that information?

As a hack it could be stored in Subtarget.

If there is a reasonable place to put it, it could be store in Module.

Any ideas?

It's just a list of functions that I need to generate stubs for.
I know the possible elements of the list. It's a hardcoded list.

Any ideas?



I suppose that I could use module metadata for this.

I don’t really know what you’re doing, but there’s already a MipsMachineFunctionInfo…


I have a way to do this. I need to initially store the information in MipsMachineFunctionInfo but then during runfunction in Asm printer, I need to recollect it and then emit the stubs as part of the AsmPrinter finalization.