StringRef'ize APIs


Apologies for the delayed response. I have been having issues with my list subscription.

I think this is quite a simple task, if a little tedious.

I did consider some clang tools but don't know if any of them are useful in this context. 

If you think otherwise, please let me know.

I do not know if there is a consensus that this should be done. A search of the cfe-dev archive did  

not yield anything conclusive. I picked this work from the 'Open projects' list.

><i> Hello,
</i>> ><i> I am planning to work on StringRef'izing the APIs in clang. Please let 
</i>><i> me know if someone else is working on it. Any comments or advice will be 
</i>><i> appreciated.
Can you say something about your strategy?

Are you going to automate the task with tooling?

Can you post some example changes that you think represent the 
challenges that will arise?

Is there already consensus that this should be done?