Strong compilation scheme of acquire loads to PPC

Hi everyone,

I wonder if why acquire loads (atomic accesses) are compiled to PowerPC as load+lwsync, which is stronger than what is known to be sound: load+ctrl+isync. The relevant code section is:

Note that the compiler writers recognized this issue, and there is a comment on it in the above code section. But I would like to know if there are more discussions on this issue. Specifically, I would like to know if the current compilation scheme is intentionally used. Otherwise, I want to make a patch that weakens the compilation scheme of acquire loads.

Thank you,

Hi Jeehoon

I looked at the original code review and checked with Bill Schmidt who approved the code change. The only reason that the improvement was not done in the original commit was lack of time. Please go ahead with your change. Make sure to add Hal Finkel (PowerPC Backend maintainer) in your code review.