Student Research Competition proposal requirements

Dear Organizers,

What are the exact requirements for the SRC proposals for EuroLLVM? According to the website, SRC proposals should contain a short abstract, and an extended abstract (maximum 1 page), and no full length papers are needed. Furthermore, the proposal guidelines have no mention of full length papers either.

On the other hand, today I registered to the submissions page and it has the following comment for SRC talks:

“Submissions for the student research competition should be primarily the work of a student and must be accompanied by a 6-12 page paper submission in SIGPLAN format.”

Which one of these requirements is true? Are paper submissions required for SRC talks, or a single-page extended abstract will suffice?

Thank you,



The SRC track is different from the others ; we require a paper, summarising your research for the purpose of the SRC, in SIGPLAN format. The web site is misleading and I will update it shortly.

Kind regards,
Arnaud de Grandmaison