Submitting a minor clang-format fix


I’m Erik Uhlmann, an intern at VMware and new to Clang/LLVM. Last week I created a small patch for a minor bug in clang-format (bug tracker: and submitted to the commit mailing list (as per the LLVM developer policy). I haven’t heard anything back since then. What should I be doing to get my patch accepted? (I’ve attached a new patch against the current svn trunk here.)


Erik Uhlmann

Fix-deref-treated-as-binary-op-in-throw.diff (1.2 KB)

Hi Erik,

Submitting patches to the maining list is perfectly fine, but if you haven’t already done so you might consider submitting your patch via Phabricator (see: )? I find that approach generally garners more attention. You can use git blame to see who frequently contributes to clang-format and add them to the patch as a reviewer. Here’s a link for using Phabricator:

The general rule of thumb is to ping a patch about once a week, if you haven’t received any feedback.


+1 to the idea of using phab, as it makes reviewing patches (especially small ones) much less work to reviewers.
(I also now hunted down and reviewed the patch, sorry for the long review time)